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Golf Korean &\51473; &\44221; &\49884; &

2022-06-30 02:39Shenzhen Golf tools store
Summary: Golf course operation Office골&# 54532;&# 51109; Golf course &50868&# 54665; &# 49324;&# 47924;&# 49892; Operations OfficeKorean translation중&# 44221;&# 49884; &# 44288;&# 44305;&#
Golf course operation Office
골&# 54532;&# 51109; Golf course &\50868&# 54665; &# 49324;&# 47924;&# 49892; Operations Office
Korean translation
중&# 44221;&# 49884; &# 44288;&# 44305;&# 44397; (베?) &# 44264;&# 54532;&# 45824;&# 54924;&# 49884;&# 49345;&# 49885; Chongqing Tourism Administration (held?) Golf conference award ceremony &\54801&# 52268;:。In Korean, it is also "playing" the ball. Why does "playing basketball" translateGolf Korean  &\51473; &\44221; &\49884; & into "playing volleyball, playing tennis"
For ball games with swing and kick movements &\52824&# 45796; , It includes football, golf, table tennis, etc., while basketball, which uses multiple movements, uses & \54616&# 45796;,Please help me translate this paragraph into Korean! (thank you very much)
No.1 SBS golf Com provides real-time information, which can be published as soon as possible to remind you of the time to the golf course&# 9654; The best golf portal in the Republic of Korea, SBS golf com ▶ Live broadcast of professional golf tour and LPGA Tour on TV and InternetHow to search Korean websites about golf thank you
You go to www.naver com www.daum. net yahoo. Any search on is OK, or search Korean &\44264 directly on Google&# 54532;Why do golf caddies learn Korean? I wonder, many Koreans come to China to play golf
Because it is cheaper to play golf in China than in foreign countries. In addition, China has a wide area, and foreigners like to come to China to play golf. For example: Korean, Japanese... So Golf caddies should also know foreign languagesPlease help transGolf Korean  &\51473; &\44221; &\49884; &late into Korean
Members shalGolf Korean  &\51473; &\44221; &\49884; &l pay the fees in a timely manner. If they fail to pay the fees within the time limit, the (golf) club members shall Golf Korean  &\51473; &\44221; &\49884; &have the right to recover the fees. If the time limit is exceeded, the (golf) club will collect late fees according to the standard, and have the right to suspend the use right of the memberHow to say golf course in Korean
골&# 54532;&# 51109;: Golf course&# 44264;&# 54532;: golf. In fact, as long as you use Baidu translation
How much is the Korean translator's salary for the golf course
1500-2500, depending on your ability and local salary level
Korean Golf terms and common sense~~ Thank you~~ The website is OK, too. Thank you~~ Thank you very much_ Baidu knows
You can look up golf terms in a dictionary
Golf Korean &\51473; &\44221; &\49884; &

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